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WEEF Block Club and Investment Club initiative provides each member of the BIPOC family with tools and an opportunity to increase their knowledge in areas of Business Development, tax savings, Civics, Estate Planning; Wills and Trust; Asset Accumulation; Financial Literacy; Investing; Investment Trading; Portfolio Diversification; Financing and the overall tools necessary for Economic Independence.

In addition to the above, we offer a host of educational opportunities in areas ranging from Mathematics, Reading, and skills for improving Study habits that can be applied to any area of study. All of these services and tools made available by W.E.E.F. for our BIPOC Families and for our Youth Empowerment.

With the assistance of a W.E.E.F. Certified Chapter President, each Neighborhood and Community of BIPOC families can become Charity Centered Neighborhoods through the WEEF Block Club and Investment Club Initiative.


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