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Our members and clients are offered a variety of services, including assistance in raising funds to support the operation of their projects/charities.

Our In-house resource team will work with you to find, qualify and apply for grants and other funding sources that work best for your business. Our grant writing team has acquired more than 2.5 million dollars in funding for our clients. 

   We offer a range of tools such as:

  • Grant/ Proposal Writing

  • In-person and virtual fundraisers

  • Fund Management

  • IRS reporting and much more. 

If you have been considering starting a nonprofit, or already part of a nonprofit looking to raise funds, contact us and see how we can help you. 


Our Donors become part of the solution!


A large portion of All funds donated are distributed to the different projects being supported by W.E.E.F. 

Past donors have included:

  • Neighborhood organizations

  • Government funding

  • Individual donations

  • Donor Advised Funds and more..

If you are the manager of a Hedge Fund or Donor Advised Fund looking for ways to support your community, contact us and see how we can build together.  

The World Economic
Empowerment Foundation

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