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BossMOM University Founder expands into 2021

"There is nothing like helping others while also maintaining success towards your own goals and dreams"..

Ahyoka Yeshua El has stepped into her faith for 2021 and started her journey as a best-selling author released last month.

"I had to learn to get out of my own way. Being asked to contribute to this project was an opportunity for me to share my story and motivate others in growing their gifts."

Building a dream team.. As a mother, wife and business owner, I have first hand knowledge and experience on what it means to have a good team behind you. I have always wanted to do big things and while I did not always know how I would accomplish them, I knew that if I kept Yahweh [God] first that he would make available those who could help me succeed. Working with The World Economic Empowerment Foundation has allowed me the time and the resources to really clarify my mission and purpose. I am now busier than ever doing the things that I was called to do and with their support, I can do those things.. better!

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