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What is a Fiscal Agent? 

W.E.E.F., as a Fiscal Agent, allows organizations without Internal Revenue Service 501(c(3) tax-exempt status, to accept and secure donations, contributions, presents,

gifts (intangible and tangible assets) on your behalf..

Under this arrangement, as a charitable group or individual charity, you can get more funding to perform your Charitable mission with WEEF. Please note that many people, philanthropists, and donors will not contribute to your charitable efforts without providing them with  tax exemption (Tax Receipts) for their deductions of which a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status provides. Most private foundations, even some Government funders, will not make grants to non-tax-exempt organizations. While the World Economic Foundation Inc. can act as your Fiscal Agent, we can offer expertise in a host of additional services as part of this arrangement, by request.

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