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How does Fiscal Management work?

WEEF 501c3 is incredibly unique in that its Members (clients) do not have to go beyond its administration to seek assistance with managing its front office and back office administrivia. This arrangement affords WEEF Members with a SuperMangerical Team to retain supervision and control over :

  • Accounting

  • Maintaining IRS Compliance

  • Banking needs, Bill payment, Fund Management

  • providing Tax receipts as well as making sure all Donations, Grants, Gifts and Contributions are used strictly for your group's Charitable work.

  • and much, much more...

      WEEF will keep records proving that your funds are used for tax-exempt purposes; as well as ensure that funds are used in a manner that furthers WEEF’s integrity of having our own charitable work as your Fiscal Manager.

For example, an established environmental group working to protect community water streams could become a fiscal agent for a group that works to educate children about clean water.

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