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World Economic Empowerment Foundation  

Empowering a Charitable Revolution, Worldwide!

Who We Are

National Business Network

The World Economic Empowerment Foundation, aka W.E.E.F., is a Fiscal Agent that also provides services in the form of fiscal management. We are a non-profit organization charged with the mission of bringing high quality business and financial literacy services to communities of color across the globe.

W.E.E.F. provides financial and business management services as a premiere, one stop shop fiscal agent. Being in business can be overwhelming. W.E.E.F. has created a system that anyone can successfully implement into their business structure.


What to Expect

As a member, here are just a few things that you can look forward.

WE HOPE 23.png

Inexpensive fiscal
sponsorship fees

All IRS reporting and
filing done for you


Without the disadvantage normally associated with a private foundation.

Customized strategy Sessions

Services Gallery

Empowering the B.I.P.O.C. Youth worldwide, guiding them to the highest levels of excellence.

That is our mission and the catalyst for a lot of the work we do. Truly, my passion.

Grand Master.- W.E.E.F Inc. President

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